Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lauren Conrad: Beauty Product Line Coming Soon!

Lauren Conrad gave word that beauty products by LC are coming soon, and young femmes should be on the look out for items like hair care, lipstick, eyeliner, blush, foundation, etc.
Lauren's line of make-up will already add to the growing success stories of Paper Crown, Kohl's, and LaurenConrad.com, which from day one has become a hotspot for lifestyle living, and social networking.
Another white-hot entity is TheBeautyDepartment, a web destination dispensing beauty advice, tricks, and tips to make your inner/ outer beauty look better, also is the lead-in to Lauren launching beauty products.

TheBeautyDepartment is a way to warm-up clientele on Lauren supplying beauty solutions and concerns to the general public, creating turorials on how to create perfect hair styles, along with make-up techniques.
Next up, a possibility for Lauren Conrad is supplying make-up creations to TheBeautyDepartment, where visitors are introduced to Lauren's artistic ability on making homemade make-up that's better than conventional brands.
Finally, Lauren unveils her own line of hair & beauty products that instantly become a success because LC would already had introduced high quality beauty solutions that are proven trusted amongst the population.

Article via LC Examiner

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