Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lauren Conrad Spills on Her New Line, Paper Crown!

Interview by Paper Crown hits stores the first week of August and will be available at Nordstrom, Ron Herman, Fred Segal and Planet Blue (among several other department stores and specialty boutiques). From what we've seen so far, we're going to heart paper crown's chic, tailored classics like we heart LC. Read on for what Lauren has to say about the line!

I Heart HeelsWhere does the name paper crown originate?
Lauren Conrad:
From being a young girl and playing dress up. We all loved to feel like princesses making those cute crowns out of paper.

IHH: How is paper crown different from your LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's line?LC:
I always said that paper crown is a line for girls who want to play dress-up in a grown-up world. Paper crown embodies that playful romantic and chic look. My Kohl's line is definitely more for everyday...for work and school and the relaxing times in between. Paper crown is more specialty.

IHH: Three words to describe paper crown.
Classic. Chic. Modern…and romantic (that’s four I know!).
IHH: We LOVE the blush tiered maxi dress and how you even wore it yourself to an event - it's way cute belted. Do you wear your designs a lot, and do you design with yourself in mind?
I do wear my designs. I feel that my fans and the girls who buy my line deserve clothes that are cute and wearable - and why not set an example by wearing them myself? There are so many different women and body types I don’t only design with myself in mind, but I feel like everything is inspired by things I would wear.

IHH: What are some of the fabrics you used in the collection - they all look so pretty and feminine.
Soft wovens and romantic lace. The main goal was to use quality fabrics so the pieces would last and be staples in any wardrobe.

IHH: In our previous interview with you, you told us "the higher the heel the better." Would you ever consider a shoe line?
I actually do design shoes for my Kohl's line. It has been a fun experience!
IHH: With your own book series, another on the way and two Web sites (have you all checked out The Beauty Department yet?), you're such a great writer! Where did you learn to write, and how do you find the time?
I have always loved to read books. I always have a few books I am reading, and I think the more you read the better you are at writing. It was a learning experience and, as with any author, I go through drafts and rewrites and editing and outlines. It just doesn’t come together in one draft.

IHH: Any plans to ever show at New York Fashion Week?
Absolutely! I love NY Fashion Week, and it would be an honor to show there one day.

IHH: Your collection launches in early August, so what will you do to celebrate the big launch - any plans?
I am so excited for my fans to see the collection! There are so many amazing stores who have purchased the line.

IHH: You've obviously worked hard…if you could take a vacation anywhere right now, where would you go?
To a warm, quiet beach with a great book.

P.S. In case you're wondering, our fav look at I Heart Heels, is the leather shorts look below. So feminine and girly, yet chic and sassy at the same time! Can't wait to try it on in the store...

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