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New Photos: LC Lauren Conrad Summer 2011 Collection!

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Ruffle Camisole

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Pintuck Chiffon Top

LC Lauren Conrad Rosette Chiffon Henley Set

Paper Crown Pre-Spring 2012!

The Paper Crown Pre-Spring collection looks so chic and laid-back! I especially love the last (pale pink) dress, so pretty! The first season of Paper Crown's collection arrives in stores August 1st and will be available at many top tier boutiques and retailers, including Planet Blue, Nordstrom and Ron Herman.
Already loving Paper Crown, congrats to Maura and Lauren! XO
Lookbook photos at Fashion Spot

Lauren Conrad: "Building A Clothing Line On My Own Terms" (Forbes Lifestyle Part 3)

The decision to start Paper Crown wasn’t entirely a business move. While it’s an important addition to my overall brand, Paper Crown is actually more of a passion project—an opportunity to make beautiful clothing on my own financial and creative terms.

To bring Paper Crown to life, I hired my long-time friend, Maura McManus. Her hands-on experience with another contemporary brand and understanding of everything from customer relations to the design process was vital to launching Paper Crown. Maura runs the daily business side of the company, while I oversee the creative and financial verticals. Together, we have crafted a clothing line I’m very proud of.

Transforming Paper Crown from an idea into a company was a challenging process. Last April, Maura and I mapped out everything we wanted to accomplish  and focused on what it would take to achieve those goals while sustaining a profitable business. I was confident the line would do well based on the success of LC Lauren Conrad collection for Kohl’s and my best-selling book, Lauren Conrad STYLE.

We immersed ourselves in research, studying other contemporary clothing companies such as Elizabeth & James, Vince, and Rebecca Minkoff to name a few. We reviewed everything from how and where they manufactured their product to social media methods and sales strategy. We also met with top names in the garment industry to ask about everything from big-picture matters such as production logistics down to the nitty-gritty details like distribution methods and thread counts. With the information from these consultations along with my own research and experience in the industry, we were able to set forth a detailed plan to direct, grow and nurture Paper Crown under a merchant business model.

Having strong business sense is helpful, but designing clothes and researching trends is where I thrive most. Enlisting a team of trusted and experienced professionals to bring my designs to life is tremendously important. After months of research and face-to-face meetings, I decided to work with a full-service apparel company based in Los Angeles to head the manufacturing process of our garments. I also recruited veteran pattern makers who were able to fashion pieces worthy of hanging beside other distinguished contemporary lines.

As with all new frontiers, you are bound to hit bumps in the road. One of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome was finding a balance between making design decisions based on profitability and maintaining design credibility. Pricing a garment can sometimes stifle the creative process since it’s important to hit a target price in order to ultimately turn a profit. Let’s say I want to use a $4.50 trim, but I can only afford to use a similar, yet less lovely, $1.23 trim in order to hit my target price. At this point, I can decide to use that higher quality trim, but I’ll be taking a hit from the inflated price. Occasionally, I will make this call if I think a piece is particularly important to the collection.

Making the final decision is important to me because I am personally backing the line—one of the main reasons I created Paper Crown. In the past, I wasn’t the one financing the line, so the decision to use higher quality trim would not have been mine. While I understand a clothing line is a business, I find it disconcerting when quality is compromised for the sake of profit. Things like fabric quality, consistent sizing and good construction are all factors that can build or break the relationship with a customer. In the end it’s all about consumer satisfaction.

I’m proud of what Paper Crown is today. It’s a collection of polished pieces with a charming and youthful vibe—the look and feel of the line is clean, cool and feminine. It’ll be available at many top tier boutiques and retailers, including Planet Blue and Nordstrom (the first season arrives in stores August 1st).

Looking ahead, I hope to see Paper Crown grow while still maintaining its specialty feel. By investing in quality and design, Paper Crown lends credibility to my name as a designer. The fact that it has evolved into a prosperous business is just icing on the cake.

Watch Lauren's interview with Forbes Lifestyle: part 1, part 2.

Video: Lauren Conrad Breaks Down Her Fashion Lines! (Forbes Lifestyle Interview Part 2)

Part 2 of Forbes Lifestyle's exclusive interview with Forbes Lifestyle contributor and celebpreneur, Lauren Conrad. Harvard Business School or reality television show? Lauren weighs in.

Watch part 1 of the interview here!

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Lauren Conrad: 10 Styling Tips for Paper Crown!

Lauren Conrad’s new Paper Crown line lands in stores this week! To celebrate, we caught up with the reality-star-turned-fashion-designer for tips on how to style her new collection, which she describes as “wearable pieces that can be easily incorporated into countless outfits.” Click through the gallery for 10 Paper Crown styling ideas from Lauren Conrad now! Then, shop the the collection at Nordstrom, Ron Herman, Fred Segal,,, or find a store in your area by submitting your info on’s store locator.

                             LOOK 1 Add Some Leather
"I love this look because it is chic but still youthful. Leather brings a cool element to any look. I like this camel blazer as a daytime layering piece."

Ryder Blazer, $276; Hudson Short, $184

LOOK 2 Incorporate Lightweight Pieces

"Day or night I love incorporating lightweight tops into my outfits. We took a subtle approach to color blocking on this top. The skirt is a pretty silhouette and great for all body types. It accentuates the waist and can be worn with bare legs or paired with cute tights in the fall."

Piper Top, $188; Sophie Skirt, $188. 
LOOK 3 Give Your Look Some Romance

"I am in love with this dress. The way it moves is so beautiful. I have worn it as-is, and also belted the top layer with a silk tie to give it a little shape. The full tiers give this dress such a romantic look."

Ella Dress in Floral Vine Print and Nude, $458. 
LOOK 4 Have a No-Fuss Dress in Your Closet

"This sweet little dress appeared on the cover of our look book. I like it because it is a no-fuss silk dress."

Emma Dress in Blue and Floral Vine Print, $278

LOOK 5 Shorts Are Year-Round

"I'm a big fan of fall shorts. I usually wear them with a solid black tight and I love a relaxed pair like this one. The look is effortless, but still put together."

Ryder Blazer, $276; Olivia Cami, $59; Ascher Short, $225. 
LOOK 6 Change Up Your Hemline

"I wanted to design a dress that was both sophisticated and sexy. I balanced out the low neckline with a longer hemline. It fits like a dream."

Lola Dress, $272. 
LOOK 7 Find Your Perfect LBD

"I wanted to do a long sleeved LBD. It's great for a night out."

Audrey Dress, $188.
LOOK 8 The Perfect Wedding Guest Dress
"I have been attending a lot of weddings recently and am always struggling to find a perfect dress to wear. I wanted to design a lovely chiffon dress."

Clementine Gown, $398. 
LOOK 9 Dress Your Leggings Up or Down

"The faux leather legging is by far one of my favorite pieces from fall. They are a little edgy but still so chic. I wear them with day or night. They are so easy to dress up or down. The blazer is another one of my favorites. I really focused on the fit. I wanted it to have a straighter fit, but not too boxy."

Ryder Blazer, $276; Piper Top, $188; Serena Legging, $156.
       LOOK 10 Update Your Work Look
"I wanted to design a chic pant that was appropriate for the workplace, but kept it feeling new through the lower rise and wide cuff. I wanted the sweater to be oversize, but kept it very lightweight so that it wouldn't appear too heavy. I wanted the fit to look boyfriend but the fabric to look girlfriend."

Camilla Sweater, $225; Katherine Pant, $198.

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Lauren Conrad Spills on Her New Line, Paper Crown!

Interview by Paper Crown hits stores the first week of August and will be available at Nordstrom, Ron Herman, Fred Segal and Planet Blue (among several other department stores and specialty boutiques). From what we've seen so far, we're going to heart paper crown's chic, tailored classics like we heart LC. Read on for what Lauren has to say about the line!

I Heart HeelsWhere does the name paper crown originate?
Lauren Conrad:
From being a young girl and playing dress up. We all loved to feel like princesses making those cute crowns out of paper.

IHH: How is paper crown different from your LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's line?LC:
I always said that paper crown is a line for girls who want to play dress-up in a grown-up world. Paper crown embodies that playful romantic and chic look. My Kohl's line is definitely more for everyday...for work and school and the relaxing times in between. Paper crown is more specialty.

IHH: Three words to describe paper crown.
Classic. Chic. Modern…and romantic (that’s four I know!).
IHH: We LOVE the blush tiered maxi dress and how you even wore it yourself to an event - it's way cute belted. Do you wear your designs a lot, and do you design with yourself in mind?
I do wear my designs. I feel that my fans and the girls who buy my line deserve clothes that are cute and wearable - and why not set an example by wearing them myself? There are so many different women and body types I don’t only design with myself in mind, but I feel like everything is inspired by things I would wear.

IHH: What are some of the fabrics you used in the collection - they all look so pretty and feminine.
Soft wovens and romantic lace. The main goal was to use quality fabrics so the pieces would last and be staples in any wardrobe.

IHH: In our previous interview with you, you told us "the higher the heel the better." Would you ever consider a shoe line?
I actually do design shoes for my Kohl's line. It has been a fun experience!
IHH: With your own book series, another on the way and two Web sites (have you all checked out The Beauty Department yet?), you're such a great writer! Where did you learn to write, and how do you find the time?
I have always loved to read books. I always have a few books I am reading, and I think the more you read the better you are at writing. It was a learning experience and, as with any author, I go through drafts and rewrites and editing and outlines. It just doesn’t come together in one draft.

IHH: Any plans to ever show at New York Fashion Week?
Absolutely! I love NY Fashion Week, and it would be an honor to show there one day.

IHH: Your collection launches in early August, so what will you do to celebrate the big launch - any plans?
I am so excited for my fans to see the collection! There are so many amazing stores who have purchased the line.

IHH: You've obviously worked hard…if you could take a vacation anywhere right now, where would you go?
To a warm, quiet beach with a great book.

P.S. In case you're wondering, our fav look at I Heart Heels, is the leather shorts look below. So feminine and girly, yet chic and sassy at the same time! Can't wait to try it on in the store...

Lauren Conrad Arrives Into LAX! (July 26th)



Lauren landed at LAX last night in skinny jeans and sandals. She's back home in California after making a quick trip to NYC this week to shoot the cover images for The Fame Game, her upcoming trilogy of novels!
Photos at Getty Images 

Lauren Conrad Featured in Apple's iOS5 Ad!

Lauren's Allure May cover is featured in Apple's new ad for their new software iOS5!
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Fashion's Night Out: Lauren's PSA!

This photo was taken behind the scenes of Lauren's new fashion PSA for Fashion's Night Out: Los Angeles. The event takes place on September 8th and is the single largest shopping event of the year. Can't wait to see her PSA! :-)

Interview: Lauren Conrad at the Rebecca Minkoff Shop In Shop Event!

Lauren Conrad attended Rebecca Minkoff’s Summer Cocktail event at Confederacy in LA last night wearing a pretty two-tone dress from the designer’s Spring collection.  
She’s seen here modeling a Rebecca Minkoff bag from the event, but she arrived carrying a mustard crocodile print shoulder bag. 
I fell in love with her trademark beachy waves.  
Lauren was incredibly sweet and spoke to me about fashion, hair and her favourite summer trend. 
On what she loves about Rebecca Minkoff: “She’s lady-like but with a hip factor, her style is very her.” 
On trends she is currently excited about: “Seventies summer romance… sheer fabrics, long dresses, very romantic.” 
On her favourite hair and make-up trends: “I just stopped by my hair stylist before coming here because I’d had tie-dye hair for about a week but since I was coming to a nice event, I thought I should tone it down, so there are tiny blue streaks in it right now. I was wondering if anyone would notice! I painted my nails tonight in the ombré style (dark to light shades of blue) and I know the trend of painting the ring finger a different colour to the rest of your nails. I like to carry nail polish strips when I travel in case they get chipped and then they’re so easy to repair. I feel like with nails, anything goes!” 
If you haven’t done so already, check out Lauren Conrad’s site, The Beauty Department for more of her hair and make-up tips.

By Zarina, RCFA LA Correspondent