Friday, June 24, 2011

Lauren & Kyle Officially Split! :-(

According to Us Weekly, Lauren Conrad and Kyle Howard are officially dunzo... :-( Lauren and Kyle tried their best to keep details of their relationship out of the press over the course of their three-year relationship, even though she was still filming The Hills when they met back in 2008.
In the break-up, Lauren & Kyle appearantly came to a mutual decision to part and go their separate ways, while stressing that no third parties were involved in the dis.
It was only just about five months ago that rumors were swirling about a possible engagement between Lauren & Kyle, but Lauren's shut down the rumor and said it was "completely false".
She's gone from reality star, to best-selling author, and now designer of her fashion collections including her newest, Paper Crown. Kyle was by her side through it all, and now it seems Lauren's planning to navigate through the next chaper in her career as a single lady. Lauren's moving on from the breakup by spending time with family — she attended her brother's high school graduation yesterday — and diving into fun books like Tina Fey's Bossypants. It's really sad news that they've called it quits! They seemed like such a low-key and drama-free couple, it was nice to see a Hollywood couple in the spotlight like that! What do you think about them breaking up?

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