Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Dear Lauren,

We, Lauren Conrad Daily and BLC Lauren Conrad, want to wish you a happy happy happy 25th birthday together with a lot of your loyal fans! We hope you have a magical and
cheerful day together with your loved ones and may all your wishes come true!
You're the best role model possible and an inspiration to all of us. We will definitely be thinking of you on your special day! Lots of love,

Special Birthday Messages:

PrinceKhalid: Happy Birthday Lauren hope all ur dreams come true ,, u r my lil secrete ,, love ya from your No.1 fan in the middle east :) xoxo <3 

Georgia Dunn: Happy birthday Lauren from all your fans in Port Macquarie Australia! We love you and wish you the best birthday :-)

Constanza Galleguillos: Hi, I'm from Chile and I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Lauren. I have her 3 books which have been hard for me to get since I live way too south from USA haha. I love her, her style and she really entertains me with LA Candy, I'm 22 and even if she is only 3 years older than me I really think she is a great role model.
Thanks and hugs from Chile
Constanza =)

HeatherKindred: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN!!!!!!! I hope you have the BEST day EVER!!!!! XO Thinking of you!! :-)

JBCome2Oz: Dear LC; first off, i wanna wish you an AMAZZINNGG 25th cause you sooo deserve it! And secondly, i just wanna tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me! When i first started watching Laguna i knew i loved you, but then on The Hills you just got even better! You were the one who inspired me to think about persueing my love for fashion and turning in into a career! Everything you do is amazing! Your books, your style, your line and just the person you are, is just incredible! And i love you sooo so sooo much! Your my fashion icon and inspiration and i just wanted to let you know that you've had such a huge impact on my life and i love you! Thanks so much for inspiring me to go for my dreams like you did in the fashion industry! Have an AMAZING birthday and may it be full of happiness and joy cause its everything you deserve! Love from one of your biggest fans, Cat <3333333

Megan Pratana: Dear Lauren,
Have a great birthday! I would like to wish you a happy birthday. I hope you can have one of the best year in your life, and also, one of the best birthday party ever. Wishing all the best for you.
XOXO, Megan. :)

fashioniscat:  Dear LC;
You are amazing. You're gorgeous, beautiful, intelligent and incredibly talented. I wanted to wish you the BEST birthday ever, cause its everything thay you deserve and more! You're such an amazing person and you have a HUGE heart! You're my inspiration, and if it weren't for you, i would never have thought of persuing my love for fashion into a career from a very young age! Your my fashion icon, i look up to you in so many ways, your style, beauty, intelligence and the way you're just such a good person! The Hills is probably my favourite show of all time, the L.A Candy trilogy is probably one of my favourite book series and don't even get my started on Style! Not to mention your clothing line! You're part of the reason why fashion is such a huge part of my life now, and i love it so so much! I wanted to thank you for helping me believe that dreams can come true and for inspiring me to go after mine! You're an incredible person Lauren and you deserve the best birthday with many to come! Love you soo so much Lauren! P.S come to Australia? I think my life would be complete if i ever met you!
Love from @fashioniscat <333

svenjavanvugt: Happy Birthday Lauren! I hope you have a memorable day filled with love, fun and laughter! Love you very much and thank you for being such an amazing, talented, gorgeous, fearless, perfect, down-to-earth and inspirational role model! Xoxo from Europe!

SophieTurnerX: just a little something to wish my idol @LaurenConrad a happy birthday! xX (see image at left)

Holly / WeLoveLC: Lauren
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day with your friends and family. I can't wait to see what you wear! 2011 is going to be great with your show and paper crown and maybe a new book, who knows! I hope your first quarter-century on this planet has been amazing and you have many more to come. You are my idol forever <3 So i just want this to be short and sweet.
Lots of love,
@WeLoveLC xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  <--- 25 x's haha

jessicarakoczy: I want to wish lauren conrad a very happy birthday from her biggest fan :) <3

martamorales5: HAPPY BIRTHDAY for my idol LC♥ you are amazing...i hope you have a fabulous birthday...i'm a salvadorean fan ☺ i loveu..

Dann Reyes: Lauren: every time I see you on TV or in cover magazines I feel a spark of happiness. I think you´re an amazing girl because you have beauty, fame but mostly intelligence. Have a nice birthday you´re an inspiration for all your fans!!

Dianix: Lauren: I hope you enjoy your birthday a lot!!! You are a role model to me and I wish you a lot of success in anything you do. Your Colombian fan, Dianix!!!!!

Nadiah: Hi Lauren. Happy 25th birthday! Thank you for being an extraordinary inspiration to me & also all of your other fans. Have a blast!! <3

Mary: Lauren, you are such a wonderful person, which makes you a role model for many! I love your Styles book and am glad I was able to meet you at a signing. Can't wait to see your new show and fashion line :) I hope you have an amazing 25th birthday!!! (I included a cool birthday cake for you.)

Mara Sofia Melo: Dear Lauren, since I started to support you, you have been doing amazing things, you are such a great person, a normal person like us, with such a light and pureness that makes me wish you could be one of my closest friends. I truly wish you from my heart an amazing, wonderful 25th birthday. With those that really love you as you are, with those that are always there for you no matter what. I hope you could follow me on twitter, I would love that! Always wishing you the best, and hoping one of these days we could meet in some California LA place :') in my heart. Happy 25th Birthday. Xxx Mara Sofia Melo

Thaís Michelin: Dear Lauren, I wish you the best, heath, love, good jobs, happiness, real and strong friendships... Well I wish you all the wonderful things in this world! I would like to say, that I think you are a powerful woman, that's why a lot of people like you, and still follow your good actions! I am one of them, thanks for you to make me trust more in me, and dress me better, open my eyes for what people really means...By the way, I loved your books they help me to see a lot of things I didn't realize, and help me with fashion. And you can bet a lot of people love you, here in Brazil.

briluvsmusic: Happy Birthday Lauren! (see image at right)

Romy: Hey Lauren. Happy 25th birthday! I hope you have a great day. Lots of love from Holland!

thelovelybeans: Happy 25th Birthday Lauren. Hope its amazing, you deserve it! May all of your wishes come true on your special day. Love Megan <3 - (Twitter) Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Sara: Dear Lauren, Have a wonderful day on your 25th birthday. Keep up the good work during this New Year. My wardrobe is full of your designs and I love them all! Hope all your dreams come true. I'm glad to see you back on TV soon. Good luck with your new Paper Crown line. Can't wait to see it. Come to visit Europe.  -A fan of yours, Sara from Barcelona, Spain.

Eveline Wendland: You've been a role model to me with everything you do. I'm proud of having such an amazing and talented idol, its incredible how you make me smile when I see you smiling. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAUREN! My best wishes for you, a lot of succes and happiness! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Remember that your Brazilian fans are always supporting you! Xoxo

Video from Cyndria Martins (shuuuzy on YouTube)Happy Birthday Lauren Conrad. I love you ♥

ChaarCarter: Dear Lauren- Wishing you an amazing 25th birthday from all of us here in England. You are inspirational to all young girls. Have a fantastic day. Love your #1 fan @ChaarCarter (Twitter), England xoxo

Llyssa B: Lauren- you are such an inspiration to me! I hope you're feeling just as inspired on your big day. Lots of love from the snowy mitten! Xoxo

SammY808: happy birthday! hope you have an awesome one with people you love! best wishes on your way, Lauren! you are one of my heroes! Love from Japan xxx

Arissa: Happy B'day Lauren Conrad! Miss you on The Hills & definitely can't wait for your new reality show!

Image at right from nandateuber -->

MissEsse: Lauren I wish you the amazing birthday ever! I will follow and support you forever from Italy! <3 Happy Birthday! xoxo Serena

Nadine Malate: Hello Lauren!
Does 'Nadine Malate' ring a bell to you? I'm really a fan of you. One time, we have to put a code name for our exchange gifts on school last Christmas, then I placed your name. I don't know how or why they found out that it was me, maybe I was known for being a fan of you. Well I'm not really like a stalker-type of fan, I just really adore you and you're my inspiration about fashion. So I hope you'll not stop inspiring people. My sister and I, you are our fashion icon on the making. Happy birthday! I hope God will bless you more of  awesome years. I love you! Thanks for being an inspiration! XOXO, Nadine Malate
Rebecca Arnott: heey Lauren, just wanna wish you the best birthday possible & I hope your living it up in la with all your friends and family! 25 years ago your mother gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who grew up to inspire millions of people around the world! your advice and knowledge helps us all to make the world a better place. happy birthday gorgeous 
peace& love

Our Birthday Messages:

BLC Lauren Conrad: Dear Lauren, I hope you have a wonderful and unique birthday and wow everyone by entering your birthday party on a gold dipped pony! :-) You're such an inspiration to me and a lot of other people in the world and therefore you deserve nothing but the best. Wish I could celebrate your birthday together with you, it always seems like a lot of fun, and that I could meet you one day, even if it's only for one second! But until then: Happy Birthday! Xo

Lauren Conrad Daily: Lauren: This past year had been a wonderful year for both you and your fans! We are all so proud of all you have accomplished in these 25 years. You are a huge inspiration to me and all of your fans. Hope you have an amazing day!  Happy Birthday Lauren! -Lauren Conrad Daily xo.


Xoxo from all of your fans across the world. We made this birthday post for you and we hope you like it! A very Happy Birthday Lauren, we love and support you, always.

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