Monday, January 03, 2011

What's To Come In 2011...

2010 was a big year for Lauren: she graced several magazine covers, went on two book tours, and released three books! 2011 will be even bigger, better and more exciting for not even Lauren but also for us! Here's a little preview of what's to come...
The movie BFF & Baby, starring Rachel Bilson, Krysten Ritter and Kate Bosworth, is about two best friends, Kim (Krysten) and Deena (Kate), who fight to maintain normalcy in their lives after Kim gets pregnant and has a baby. Lauren plays herself in the movie!

Her new contemporary line Paper Crown on which she works together with Gary Samuelian and Maura McManus, who is one of her roommates and best friends. We will be able to see the whole process evolve in her new MTV reality tv show 'Lauren Conrad: Fiercely Fashionable' which is all about her career as a fashion designer and as a succesful author. On the question if beau Kyle Howard will appear on the show she responded "No, he will definitely not be on it."
After gracing several magazine covers in 2010 like Teen Vogue and Women's Health Magazine, there's plenty more to come in 2011!             

Lauren announced on the 17th of October, 2010, that she wore some black pumps from her LC Lauren Conrad line! Hmm... Sounds like after designing tee's, sweaters, skirts, jeans, dresses and sunglasses, Lauren will also delight us with shoes! It's no surprise after her saying that shoes make her happy and that she owns at least 60 pairs!     
The list of interviews Lauren did in 2010 is so long, that I just named a few below:            
With so many exciting Lauren-news to come in 2011, I'm sure she'll promote herself well again in many more talkshows!

2010 was a good year for Lauren's carreer as an author! She again became a New York Times Best Selling Author with her books Sweet Little Lies and Sugar & Spice, she released her fourth book Lauren Conrad Style, and she went on several book tours across the United States. This year, Lauren will be busy writing a spin-off of the L.A. Candy character Madison, but who else knows what she has in store for us?

The other thing I'm very, very, very excited about is new designs for her LC Lauren Conrad Collection, because the last pictures and clothes look great! Lauren definitely has a great talent for designing and I can't wait to see her new creations!

She is the best role model, and she seems very down to earth, sweet and friendly. Lauren is such a succesful and busy career woman, so I can't wait to see what she'll accomplish in 2011!


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  1. omg sooo exited for all this to show luuuuvvv lauren ps i´m reading SUGAR AND SPICE it´s damn goood!!!!