Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jeans 101 with Rachael Ray (Video & Article)

        Jeans 101 on The Rachael Ray Show | The 3 denim trends for this fall!

      "When you're young you play dress up and it's fun and you spend your days doing it as a game, and as you get older getting dressed up becomes more of a stress," she explains. "The point of this book is to basically organize your closet and define your personal style and make it fun again!"

       Rachael admits that, like most women, she hates shopping for jeans so Lauren offers to share some of her best tips for picking the most flattering denim.

Skinny Jeans "I think a misconception with skinny is that you have to be skinny. I think that a skinny jean can be flattering on so many different body types," Lauren says. "I think that it's all about balancing volume, so maybe you wear a tunic with it if you’re feeling a little more curvy. What I also love about them is you can wear them with any kind of shoe. So for example, you can wear them with a flat, you can wear them with a tennis shoe for more casual with a T-shirt, you can tuck them into a boot - they're great with boots because there’s no extra gathering of fabric around your knees, so its more slimming!"

Boot Cut "This is one of the most common worn jeans because it is flattering on almost any body type. The flare at the bottom balances out hips," Lauren says. "It’s a boot cut so it's traditionally worn over a boot, but really any kind of shoe [works]. It's also nice because it covers your shoe, so if you’re wearing a pair that’s not so nice, you don’t really see it anyways! ... One things that's important with boot cut is hemming them and getting the right length."

Boyfriend Jean "They’re very fun, they’re very comfortable. I prefer a slimmer cut boyfriend jean so its not a true, true boyfriend jean because it’s a lot of volume and again you want to balance volume by wearing a more tailored top with these, because it’s all baggy otherwise ... with these I think that traditionally because they’re a more casual jeans, a flat [shoe] has been worn. You can also wear them with a heel, so you can do this with a top and a blazer and a black heel and it looks very nice."

-Credits at Rachael Ray Show

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