Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lauren on "The Wendy Williams Show" | October 25

Lauren may be back home in LA following her book tour, but her TV interviews are still airing.  Lauren’s pre-taped episode of the Wendy Wiliams Show- filmed in New York- aired today, Monday, October 25.
Lauren told Wendy that she likes New York.  ”I love New York.  I actually come out for Kohl’s every other month.  So I’m out here a lot,” the California Girl said.
Wendy also asked Lauren about her first few run-ins with fashion.  ”Well actually, in the intro in my book, I talk about when I was young my grandmother gave me a dress up trunk full of chiffon dresses and faux fur.  I loved playing dress up as most litle girls do.  And in Lauren Conrad Style, the idea of the book is to kind of organize your wardrobe to find your personal style and get back to playing dress up so you can enjoy again.”
Wendy also pointed out that Lauren is nervous about being on the worst dressed list. “I think everyone is,” Lauren said.  To us, that is her only style downfall since it prevents her from taking risk.  Wendy’s not worried about being on that unfortunate list.  ”I don’t care,” the host said.  She went on to say it’s all about the person wearing the look and no one else should really care.
Wendy showed Lauren’s outfits that made the worst dressed list, to which Lauren replied, “I stand by these outfits.  I don’t think they deserve worst dressed.”

Lauren really did stick up for her dresses.  For this look, Lauren didn’t think it deserved to be on the Worst List because, “to be fair, this one didn’t photograph as well as it [did] in person.  It was just, embellishment was really in and it was a fun little cocktail dress.”  Lauren is completely opposite from Khloe Kardashian who took it upon herself to famously post she and her sister’s Worst Looks on her blog.

Of this look, Lauren said, “this was at a carnival for a children’s charity.  I was at a booth giving little sand bag/bean bags, so it was appropriate for the occasion.”
Lauren also talked about throwing Lo’s “L” themed 24th birthday party.  Lauren went at Lincoln.  She wore the essential top hat over her ponytail, black shorts, a white button down shirt, a black bow tie, and a tweed blazer.  ”I drew a beard on my face,” Lauren added.
Wendy also asked Lauren what she thinks about Audrina on Dancing with the Stars.  After initially seeming uninterested, Lauren says she did see the first episodes.  As for whether Lauren would ever try Dancing with the Stars she said, “I don’t think so.  I was asked to do it before, I just can’t dance.  It would be so humiliating for me.”
Finally, the topic of Lauren’s boyfriend, Kyle Howard came up.  Lauren was more playfiul with the topic than we’ve ever seen her be before.  But Wendy has that affect on people.  After blushing and agreeing with Wendy that Kyle is cute, she said they are not discussing marriage yet.  ”I’m a spring chicken, I have time,” she said.

Lauren also talked about going back to reality TV and her

excitement that she gets to have a private life to go home to

this time.  When Wendy asked whether she was going to cheat

on Kyle just for the show, Lauren joked, “probably”.  Love it!

-Credits at Hills2City & TV Squad

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